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Miller Bros. Propane - Delivery and Refill | Dewey, OK

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Why you should choose us

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Need to refill your gas grill propane tanks?

When you are looking for refilling services in Independence, KS, Dewey, OK or Weatherford & Carnegie, OK give us a call. You can also visit any of our locations  to refill any size portable tank. We are a customer focused company, and we are proud of the fact that most of our business comes from customer referrals and repeat customers.


Need to refill your barbeque tank? We do it quick & you actually get a full tank of propane!  Rather than exchange your tank at a big box store where you pay more and get a gallon less propane.

  • Propane filling is fast and easy & you keep your tank

  • Spend $4 to $7 less

  • We can fill all sizes of portable tanks

  • Customer-focused, with safety the highest priority

Give us a call to know more about our services and discounts.